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Image of a young woman sat high above a city looking out over the city at dusk, with bright city light

Gravitas have launched in Mainland China!

Gravitas is more than excited to announce that we are expanding into mainland China, with Shenzhen as our first office here. As a young and energetic megacity and global hub for finance and technology, it holds enormous potential for Gravitas in the coming years. But what exactly is Shenzhen like?

Here’s five exciting things you probably didn’t know about Shenzhen. It represents why Shenzhen is special for us and why we plan to expand our business here.



Shenzhen is the city where China’s economic, social and environmental transformation began. Just over 40 years ago, Shenzhen was a small fishing village on the Pearl River Delta. In 1979, the Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping chose Shenzhen as the start of the opening of capitalism and foreign investment in China: Shenzhen was declared as special economic zone along the coast of China. After 40 years of rapid development, a tremendous amount of domestic and foreign capital has been invested here. Today it is an international economic megacity and centre of high-tech innovation.

two images, one is sepia olden view of Shenzhen, the other a modern day sehzhen in colour with bright blue skies and tall skyscrapers

Young City:

Shenzhen is a young and energetic city. With a population of 14 million people, the average age here is under 30 years old, with 88.41% between 15 and 59 and 20% between 20 and 24. In 2017, Shenzhen surpassed Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai to become the most appealing city for the Chinese public. The inclusive culture, innovation hub and green space all make the city attractive to young people. There’s a well-known saying in Shenzhen: ‘Time is money, efficiency is life’ – a slogan of Chinese economic reform associated with “Shenzhen speed”.

Image of a young woman sat high above a city looking out over the city at dusk, with bright city light

High-tech City:

Shenzhen is often described as the Silicon Valley of China. In 2018, the GDP of Shenzhen was USD 370 billion, surpassed Hong Kong with a GDP of USD 360 billion. Shenzhen is famous for the high-tech design and manufacturing, often called “the world’s factory” and “maker’s dream city”. Shenzhen hosts the headquarters of high-tech giants such as Tencent (creator of WeChat) and Huawei. It’s famous for electronics manufacturing, and is home to one of China’s three Stock Exchanges. The incredible growth of recent years has made Shenzhen one of the most economically advanced cities in China.

Image of a city at night with bright light arows to show data sharing across the city

Future potential:

Shenzhen is a city full of possibilities. As a major city in Guangdong province (south-east China), it provides a link between Hong Kong and the mainland. The plan for Shenzhen is to transform into a pilot area by making it a leading city worldwide in terms of economic growth, with a focus on research and development, industrial innovation, emerging markets, public services and ecological conservation. Shenzhen is planned to become a model city of China by 2035 with high-quality development, and a “top cosmopolis” worldwide. A site of continued financial reform, it is also under the development plan for Shenzhen to become part of the China Greater Bay area.

Night time view of Shezhen with water in the foreground and high rise building in the background - bright city lights

Living here:

You can never get bored of living in Shenzhen. With some of the best living standards in China, life in Shenzhen has become more affordable for many people. Within this city you can enjoy delicious food from all over the world. It has lower levels of pollution and many parks, such as the gorgeous Shenzhen Bay park. Due to large foreign investments in Shenzhen, you could easily find many international brands here. It is recognized as the number 2 spot in Lonely Planet’s top 10 cities to visit in 2019. As a migrant city, there is a famous saying that “You are a Shenzhener once you come here”. Please come and visit Shenzhen one day…we look forward to seeing you!

birdseye view of Shenzhen with blue cloudy skies and adramatic feeling white text saying Welcome to Shenzhen

Want to join us on this exciting period of expansion? We’re hiring in Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Singapore and welcome talent of all stripes to come join us.

Click here to apply now.