Introducing our Diversity & Inclusion Committee...Tom! - We Are Gravitas
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Introducing our Diversity & Inclusion Committee…Tom!

We’re delighted to be introducing the Gravitas Diversity and Inclusion Committee! Every week we’ll be profiling a different member of the team. This week, it’s Committee member Tom!

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Which important date in the calendar am I looking forward to acknowledging & celebrating over the coming year?


“We of course had National Blood Donor Month in January, as there have recently been some major changes to donation rules which allow more gay & bisexual men to donate blood! And of course, I’m looking forward to Pride Month in June/September which will hopefully be an even bigger celebration post-Covid!!”


Why am I passionate about Diversity & Inclusion?


“As a gay man who has been extremely lucky to be born in a generation that is accepting of who I am, I think it’s important that I help to promote diversity & inclusion to others.”


Why is it important for Gravitas to focus on Diversity & Inclusion?


“As recruiters, you come across a range of people in the office and out in the wider world. It’s vital that we hold diversity and inclusion at the centre of our values in order to provide all individuals we come into contact with a fair & open experience.


Join us next time as we profile another member of our Diversity & Inclusion Committee!



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