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Ben’s Top Tips for Job Application Worries

Introducing the ‘Process Phenomenon’, AKA Ben. He’s here to help you with your job application worries…

Ben at work at Gravitas


Ben studied Geography and Geology at university, and has since spent the last 3 years tearing it up as a recruiter in our Gravitas Manchester office, recently earning himself a VIP position on our trip to Goa.

Ben knows a thing or two about the process of applying for jobs, interviewing for jobs, and most importantly, winning jobs! So he’s here to help you with the job application process by answering some of your most common worries.


I don’t have many qualifications, how can I still write an impressive CV?


If you don’t have a degree or many qualifications, go for a skills-based CV that lists your relevant skill set and personal strengths first. This is a much better format for people who lack traditional qualifications. Make sure to back up each skill with evidence in the form of specific examples from your experiences in both work and wider life.


Look at what experience you have, know what you want to do and what you aim to do and tailor your CV to that line of work accordingly. There’s never any point in writing a generalist CV, it should always be specific to the market you’re trying to work in, and ideally specific to the company and job spec.



I’m a naturally shy person, how can I still perform well in an interview?


Getting someone else to role-play as the interviewer and ask you questions is a great way to build your confidence. But most of all, preparation and practice! Think about what questions they’re going to ask you (or that you’ve been asked in previous interviews) and then plan what you’re going to say. You don’t want to sound scripted, but you should at least have a good idea of what you’ll be saying.


I’ve known candidates who weren’t the most confident, in fact some were as shy as they come! But they succeeded in spite of that because they had prepared the most & knew what they were going to say. If you know yourself and know your experience, it will make you more confident and you’ll perform much better.



I always perform great in interviews, but my CV writing lets me down, how can I overcome this?


Never be afraid to seek help and guidance – it could be from a job centre, a CV guide online, or your university careers services – most universities make their careers services available free to graduates for a few years after graduation.  There are so many free resources available, make use of them!


You can also ask a friend, family member or someone else you trust to proof-read your CV and your job application. Get them to look out for spelling, grammar, layout and ease-of-reading. And make sure you ask them if they would hire you based on it!


Check back soon to hear Ben answer some more of your questions!




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