Gravitas Olympics 2019: Who took the gold?
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Gravitas Olympics

Gravitas Olympics

All our UK offices recently took part in one of the biggest events in the Gravitas calendar:

the annual Gravitas Olympics!


The day began with everyone arriving at the office in their costumes for group photos. Each team chose a different sporting theme, ranging from jocks and cheerleaders to golfers, lifeguards and some 80’s tight ‘n’ bright! Check out some of their amazing outfits below.


A few of our outstanding London teams…

London Gravitas Olympic Teams


And an amazing effort from Leeds and Manchester…

Northern Powerhouse Gravitas Olympic teams


After a morning in the office, it was time to head out into the glorious September sunshine for an afternoon of sporting activities in the park. Our London Gravitonians took a short tube ride to Victoria Park, while our Leeds & Manchester Gravitonians joined up in Alexandra Park in Manchester.


Working in their teams, our Gravitonians competed in games of dodgeball, rounders, and – always the crowd favourite – the three-legged race. It was a hard-fought battle, but in the end, only one team could end up victorious! In the London edition of the games, the cricketers from our Digital team came out on top, while in the Northern Powerhouse it was the sporting legends of the Manchester Public Sector sales team who took the gold. Congratulation to all!


As a reward for their sporting achievements, our Olympic athletes finished the day with pizza and drinks provided by Gravitas.


Check out some of the best photos from the Gravitas Olympics below, or click here to see the rest.


Gravitas Olympics in Victoria Park

Gravitas Olympics in Alexandra Park



Think you could pick up gold in the Gravitas Olympics? Fancy yourself an Olympic-class recruiter? Want to work in a company that rewards you with days like this, plus holidays, lunch clubs and many other incentives?


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