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Sophie’s Top Tips on choosing the right company for you

Introducing ‘Miss Reliability’, AKA Sophie…


Sophie at work


Sophie joined Gravitas in 2017. She studied Hotel Management at university, and has been killing it in our Business Support team for the last few years, and has recently been promoted!


Sophie looked at a lot of different employers before she chose Gravitas, so she understands how important a decision it is deciding where you want to work, and how difficult that can be. Remember, it’s not just your employer choosing you – you have to choose your employer too! Here are Sophie’s top tips on how to choose the right company for you.


Company values

A company’s values provides a great insight into the company culture, the rules they adhere to and what underpins them.


What are your values?

Take time when looking for a new role to review your morals and work ethic. Think about what drives you, what culture do you perform best in, and what principles do you feel are important in your working life.


Compare before applying

Compare a company’s values to your own before applying for a role, and keep doing so as you go through the application and interview process.

Having your own values aligned with your employer’s allows more collaborative working, consistency and direction, so you can strive for the same results and goals.





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